Infinity Seal is a manufacturer and reseller of gaskets, packing, and sealing devices.

A good definition of what we do can be found here. From John J. Carr in the Vanderbilt Rubber Handbook. A seal is a “device for eliminating or controlling the leakage of liquids and/or gases while preventing the entrance of external contaminants such as dust and dirt.” We try to provide this product to you at the best price possible with what we think is the best service, speed, and expertise around. While you are browsing the site think about these questions:

  • Have a long lead time on a replacement seal?
  • Have to get your seals from overseas?
  • Have a seal to replace and have no idea where to get it?
  • Have equipment with seals you are no longer able to get?
  • How much is downtime costing you?  How much is your time worth?

That’s where we come in. We are not just a provider of standard and specialized seals, gaskets & o-rings. Not only can we provide replacements for most manufacturer’s seals or design a part for you using our state-of-the-art Seal-Jet machine. But every day since we opened in 1993 we strive to provide the solution you need in the time frame that you need it, even if that means forwarding you to someone that can better meet your needs. We don’t just want to be here for one purchase, but as a resource for all your sealing needs.

Seal-Jet is a trademark of Economos®.  Infinity Seal is not in anyway affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Economos®.  We are solely responsible for the quality of our products.