We can manufacture all of your engineered plastic and sealing needs on our CNC and Seal Jet Machines.

To make it easier for you, we mention all the standard profiles. There are more than 90 computerized profiles. With our fast service, we can deliver your seals the same day if needed.

In the case of particular operating conditions (pressure, temperature, velocity, etc.) please contact us and speak with one of our specialists who will advise material and seal geometry for your specific application, or fill out our seal request online and we will contact you. We can modify and custom design any seal profile to fit your specific requirements.

This information is stated on the knowledge gained through decades of experience in the manufacturing and application of seals. However; unknown factors in the application seals can considerably change the conditions which may cause the above information to be invalid. For further questions, please contact us or email us.

Seal-Jet is a trademark of Economos®.  Infinity Seal is not in anyway affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Economos®.  We are solely responsible for the quality of our products.