Our specially developed system guarantees top quality seals even for the most complicated profiles.

Frequently, the real importance of seals, particularly in the capital goods sector, only becomes apparent when they fail to work. No matter what the application, be it a crane, a freight elevator, a jumbo jet or a hydraulic ram, downtime for repairs is always costly. In many cases, the cost of the seal itself can be a difficult pill to swallow, either you have to keep your own spare parts in stock, or you have to wait for weeks if not months until the new seal arrives, and that’s IF you can find it at all! This is because seals, until recently, were produced by die cast methods, and small batch production was simply unprofitable.

With the use of our specially designed CNC Seal-Jet (also called a Sealjet or Seal Jet) machine, however, we are able to produce almost any seal profile up to 500 mm diameter in a matter of minutes. Our specially developed system guarantees top quality even for the most complicated profiles. But even more important than the Seal Jet lathe are the revolutionary materials behind our products, a thermoplastic polyurethane which was developed developed by leading manufactures in Europe.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of machined seals and gaskets lies in the speed with which an order can be filled when time is of the essence. When a worn out seal puts a customer’s equipment out of service, it can cost thousands of dollars each hour its down. A week could represent a financial eternity. Infinity Seal is geared to help in emergencies such as this, and we can provide a replacement seal literally overnight-or even the same day. You can reach us day or night for emergency service.

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